Publishing the JavaScript and Crypto SDK

We at Data4Life have released two SDKs to the public.

What are we releasing?

Because both SDKs interact with each other, we released the following code together:

Data4Life JavaScript SDK

The JavaScript SDK encapsulates the backend-API calls to the Data4Life platform using encrypted and validated FHIR resources for patient data.

Data4Life Cryptography SDK

The Crypto SDK is a JavaScript-based wrapper around the browsers' native Web Crypto APIs. By providing small utility functions around established functionality, we reduce the complexity inherent to many cryptographic applications.

Why are we releasing the SDKs to the public?

These are our reasons for publishing the code:

  • At Data4Life, we want to create transparency of our implementations and our intentions as a company.

  • We encourage the community of health tech developers, as well as security and data privacy experts, to give us feedback.

  • We want to use this possibility to receive feedback for improvements, better solutions, find potential bugs, and identify security risks.

The code is publicly available for viewing and reviewing purposes, you can find the license details in the respective repositories.

Where can you find the SDKs?

Find the SDKs on GitHub in the following repos:


Both SDKs are released under these licensing terms.

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